The Abuse Is Real

Why Do We Need a Website Specifically for Men?
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Men Need Help with their Specific Needs

A Man’s Only Resource: There are lots of reasons for a website that reaches into the lives of men where they are victims of narcissistic abuse.  For starters, there isn’t an abundance of information written by men for men who have been abused, and when I say there “isn’t an abundance” I mean almost none. Resources are notably absent for men who are dealing with victimization across the board in our world, and with narcissism beind largely unknown, it’s time we have a place where men can receive help.

A Cultural Double Standard for Abuse:  The world is not as kind to men who are abused by women, unfortunately.  In this “Me Too” world, when a woman cries “foul” because she believes she is being mistreated by a man, it’s typically a foregone conclusion that the man is guilty, no matter the situation, and prior to any investigation.  People pay attention to women when they cry out for help.  They don’t for men.

In fact, the opposite is true– when a woman mistreats or abuses a man, the first thought is mostly, “Suck it up, buttercup.”  Unfortunately, this is also the VERY SAME mantra of women who are abusing men–  “Suck it up.  What’s wrong?  You can’t take it???” Men victimized are already hearing this message from the women who narcissistically abuse them already.

It’s time the world begins to pay attention to them as well.  In many situations, their lives depend on it.

Men Don’t Get Help.  Why?  Would you try to get help when culturally speaking, you’re just seen as a pansy for not putting up with a woman’s cruelty?  Would you get help when it’s expected that you just “suck it up?”  Would you get help when you believe that when you tell your story, no one will listen or that you’ll be seen as less of a man for not putting up with it?  You wouldn’t, and men don’t. 

Not only that, but men have to decipher what it’s like to endure a narcissist from only a female’s perspective because there are so few materials written for them.  The author of this website was married for more than 27 years before he was even able to discern what was really happening.

The Consequences Are Severe. 

These women who abuse their husbands narcissistically push them to the very edge of destruction.  They push them to the edge of their sanity with their gaslighting, pretending, minimizing, changing the story constantly, and making them question their sanity with constant deception.

With white middle-aged men making up almost 70% of all suicides (which doesn’t include other races or nationalities so it’s actually quite higher for men–  see American Foundation for Suicide Prevention-, their very lives are at risk as they’re often pushed to the edge of suicide–  and these women will push them to the edge.

On top of that, some experts have suggested that violence is more likely to occur in a relationship when the female is the narcissist.  Women can be narcissistically abusive in so very many ways:  physically, emotionally, mentally, financially, and more. Men need help now.  They need to understand what they’re going through and they need help immediately.

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