The Abuse is Real

Male Victims of Female Narcissists

A site for men and women who have been victims of narcissism, particularly from females, and for those who witness them going through this constant cruelty.


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The Abuse Is Real

Male Victims of Female Narcissists
This is

A Site for Men and Women Who Endure or Have Endured Narcissistic Abuse from Females

(And also for those who love them)

We Help:

  • Men who have been in romantic relationships with female narcissists.
  • Women who are in relationships with men who have endured or are enduring narcissistic abuse from a prior spouse or relationship.
  • Women who have have been victims of narcissistic abuse from females.
  • Men and women who have been victims of narcissistic abuse from narcissist mothers.


If You Read Up on the Subject, You’d Think All Narcissistic Abusers Were All Males!

…and that women are the only victims of this horrific emotional, mental, psychological, and sometimes physical abuse.  This is not the case, despite the abundance of material written by women, for women, about men.  Even books and articles written for “both” are normally written by women, and written from a females perspective.  This website is the great equalizer, however It’s not intended to minimize the experiences of women who are genuinely going through narcissistic abuse, and not intended to deny the fact that there are female victims of narcissism too.  Many of these women connect with us because of the relationships they have with an abused male victim or they themselves have been abused by a female narcissist. However, men need a place to heal, and need material written for to reach into their experience and very little exists.  If you’re a female and are hurting from the wounds of a narcissist–  please feel welcome here as well, swap the personal pronouns, understand that what is written is being uniquely written from a male’s perspective, and insert yourself into the dialog.

If you’re going through or have gone through this horrific abuse, then you’ve found the right place and it’s our hope that this will affirm you, will help free you, will help you move to a place of health emotionally, and will help you know what the next steps are to healing in your own life from this victimization. 

Some of the victimization comes from spouses, some from an abusive mother, sibling, boss, or other significant other. 

The author of this website is a male victim of a covert narcissist himself, having been married to one for morethan 25 years.  He’s on the journey of healing as well.  Know that what gets represented here is not the same as finding a qualified therapist who specializes in healing those who have been abused by narcissists–  we provide a coaching relationship to help victims know how to deal with their situation and the issues regarding narcissistic abuse.  The author himself was in therapy for years and has found it of tremendous value in his own healing process. If that’s financially within your means, we recommend counseling in addition to the coaching we provide.

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