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Moving Beyond the Narcissist in Your Life

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It’s Important to Us that We Help Men Through Narcissistic Abuse.

Why?  Men are LOST in the narc world, second class citizens who rarely get help or who’s situations even get acknowledged.  It’s why we specialize in reaching to help abused men specifically.  Below are our resources for you, or a loved one, so they can move towards healing and health in their lives.



Narcissist Recovery Bootcamp. 

We’ve had women comment, reach out and thank us for our work, because they see the narcissistic abuse to their men.  Some are significant others or spouses who witness it from their man’s ex, and often times the trainwreck of trying to parent with one in a divorce situation.  Some see their men get narcissistically abused from a parent or sibling and are doing everything they can to support them.  Also– these women often have to interact with these narcissists too.

Read the Book.  Although you don’t see as much written about female to female narcissistic abuse it happens as well.  Often times you hear about it in a mom who’s a narcissist, other family member, or a female boss that’s more than difficult.  We hope these women also can find information and help here as we discuss the impacts of female narcissism and how to move beyond it.

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