The Abuse Is Real

Wait... But I Thought You Said This Site Was for Men???
Women Need Help Too

There are Other Victims of Female Narcissists

We’ve Been Involved on Social Media For a Long While Prior to this Website’s Launch.  Particularly, we hang out a lot on IG (@MaleVictimsOfFemaleNarcissists), and there are so very many things we’ve noticed through our conversations with the wonderful narcissistic abuse survivors we’ve engaged on there.  One thing is that as a victim of narcissistic abuse, you can learn from anywhere.

So many of these people are constantly on the hunt for anything that will help them in their growth beyond their narcissistic abuse.  While we’re male focused, we’re certain that there are things to be gleaned here for narcissistically abused women who are growing beyond the abuse they’ve endured.  They’ve also been VERY supportive of our work for men–  because they’re also aware of the bias towards men who have been narcissistically abused, and they don’t want ANYONE to have to endure what they’ve been through, male or female.

They are such a supportive community!  Not only that, but they can spot female narcissists a mile away, and they know they exist.  They’re smart that way.  So we want to be sure to welcome those women here.


ALSO…. Many Women See Their Men Abused by Narcissists and They Want to Be Able to Support Their Men. We’ve had women comment, reach out and thank us for our work, because they see the narcissistic abuse to their men.  Some are significant others or spouses who witness it from their man’s ex, and often times the trainwreck of trying to parent with one in a divorce situation.  Some see their men get narcissistically abused from a parent or sibling and are doing everything they can to support them.  Also– these women often have to interact with these narcissists too.

Women are Abused by Female Narcissists Too.  Although you don’t see as much written about female to female narcissistic abuse it happens as well.  Often times you hear about it in a mom who’s a narcissist, other family member, or a female boss that’s more than difficult.  We hope these women also can find information and help here as we discuss the impacts of female narcissism and how to move beyond it.

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