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Small Group and Individual
Finding Help Specific to Men.

Small Group Coaching

It’s Easy to Feel Stuck, and Hard to Find Help Specific to Men:   

That’s why we have small group coaching for men who are either currently being abused by female narcissists, or are recovering from being victimized by narcissisitc abuse.

Our Groups: Are have 12 people maximum in them, they are 6 weeks long, are renewable every 6 weeks, and are hosted on Zoom weekly for a 2 hour session.  *Please note–  these sessions do have a cost. 

In the Sessions You’ll find:

  1. Community and Cammaraderie with other men who understand *exactly* what you’re going through.  Groups Consist of 10-12 men maximum.
  2. Solid Coaching which will help you in whatever situation you are in to take the necessary steps to move beyond where you are and into healthiness again.
  3. A Place Where You Can Be Heard, and find a safe place to talk about what you are going through.

 Next Group Starting Mid-January!

To learn more about our coaching groups or individual coaching, fill out the form to the right and we’ll be in touch!


Individual Coaching:

Jon also does individual coaching on Zoom as well, if you feel like you need individual attention, or would like to have an environment where there is complete privacy.  In these sessions you get individual attention to help you make the right decisions and to learn how to live well after the ruinous behavior a narcissist has broght to your world. Coaching is normally done weekly or in every other week sessions.


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